K & L Farming Industries Sdn. Bhd


Golden Chicks Group also known as K&L Farming Industries Sdn. Bhd. It had its very humble beginnings in 1994 . With its “Farm to market” concept, the Company is committed towards delivering fresh and quality processed poultry products.

Incorporated on 9th March 1994, the Company has expanded from the rearing of chickens to the processing and trading of chickens, eggs, imported frozen beef and mutton as well as vegetables and fruits, fish and other sundry goods. It is also involved in the rearing and selling of local popular fresh water fish such as tilapia, patin and sultan.

At the present we are slaughtering our chicken at our factory at 9th Mile, Jalan Penrissen, Kuching. We are currently studying the feasibility of building a state-of-the art abattoir in Kota Samarahan. The Ministry of Development has given approval in principal for the setting up of an abattoir in Kota Samarahan.

In 2010, we acquired a layer farm from IFP Layer Farm Sdn. Bhd. for a value of approximately RM 5m. This acquisition will enable us to produce and market our own eggs rather than rely on 3rd parties. Average daily production is currently about 120,000. We intend to increase production of eggs over the next few years and expect to achieve daily production from 120,000 to 200,000 eggs by the end of 2013.

Presently, the bulk of our dressed bird is marketed and distributed through our 25 cold storage retails outlets in Sarawak and also through our 4 supermarkets which are located at 10th Mile,JalanPenrissen,M10 Commercial Center(Kuching), Sri Aman, Kampong Dato(Sibu) and Sungai Merah(Sibu). We are also planning additional outlets and expanding our product range with value added products from further processing.